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Dear Dr. Handsome Headmaster

I must say I don't understand where this fascination of athleticism has come from. All he does is attend the gym. I pray he does not begin to be, dare I say, ok with drinking out of plastic cups. Not only is he constantly at the gym, I have been informed that there will be volleyball in just a few weeks and then there's softball. Dear lord softball. There is nothing soft about playing with balls. It's bad for the skin.

He tells me he's been thinking about writing. "Thinking" about writing? He needs to just write. I tell him to set some time everyday to do so. But he doesn't listen. It is upsetting but I shall not be disturbed by it. Montgomery's do not take suggestions, demands or ultimatums. We give them.

There really aren't any other complaints. He doesn't complain and seems chipper nearly ninety percent of the time. It's remarkable if you ask me. Perhaps he's met someone. One can only hope.

My Edward - Beyond Cool

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Dear Dr. Handsome Headmaster,

Spring is here. The weather is perfect for sweaters and light coats but one can never tell with the mood swings this area tends to have. Nothing ever stays the same. Which, in retrospect, is a good thing. The idea of the weather making people deal with transitions is amusing to me. Almost to the point I giggle when there is a complaint. Really now? What can one do?

Now, it's important that I tell you my expectations of the following months. Transferring schools is not easy, nor will it be for my kin. Nonetheless, I will have expectations of him. Obviously, grades will be at the utmost importance. Without grades, how can he tell people that he's better than they are? Well, besides making them feel inadequate with various verbal techniques.

I'm not sure if he will make an attempt with intermingling the old with the new. He's never done it before. Separation techniques is his key. One never can tell though.

There's only two more things I would appreciate your help with. I want him to 1) work on his physical health because physical well being leads to mental well being, and 2) his writing.

Please see to it that he completes these tasks.


My Edward - Beyond Cool

Bang. Bang.

Whoever designed this should be shot.  It looks like they scrolled through all their fonts they hand on MS Word and went with the most boring one.  Ugh.  No style whatsoever.  Feel free to mock anyone that carries one of these by saying, "My feeling a little Frankling Gothic Demi today, are we?"

Today's fashion faux pas is brought to you by the letter "C" for classless, the number "0", and the sign "<".

My Edward - Beyond Cool

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I was browsing through blogs and there was this list of "cutest boys on youtube". This was ranked number 2, but I think he's cuter than the other guy.

I just have this feeling though, in person, he'd probably annoy the shit out of me. But on youtube, it's just too cute. Way cute.


2009 Challenge #11: UPDATED!!!

Nine days into the new year and one of my 2009 Challenges given to me by friends was to write something every day to “be more positive and believe in yourself more”.

I figure I should keep a list. I’ll update it when I can.

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